Knock Knock, Who’s There, Four Bands is an ongoing series of house concerts held in New Westminster, BC and the surrounding areas. It was started in 2013.

Our mission is to provide an opportunity for local amateur music artists to perform within comfortable, welcoming environments, to open minded audiences, with a particular focus on first time performers, and original music composers.

Typically concerts are held in the living room of a private residence, with four or more acts and 25-50 audience members. Musicians of all types may perform – from 5 years to 90+, amateurs and professionals. There is no fee to attend and musicians perform simply for the enjoyment of making music. It is not a “jam”. Each musician/band will be permitted time for one to four songs. A concert is approximately two hours in duration. All acts are family friendly. There are often young ones running around, dancing, playing.

  • Intimate setting
  • Welcoming audience for amateur performers
  • Performances that are “special”: Original music. Musicians returning to the stage after a long hiatus. Performing with a new instrument. Singing for the first time. Young children, teens, and first time performers.
  • Frequent shows

Audience members may attend by invite only. Space is limited.