For musicians:

  • Is this a paid gig?
    No. There is no fee to attend, no donations, no passing of the hat, no payment to the musicians. It is only for the fun of performing.
  • How do you select performers for a concert?
    Selection is based on many criteria. We try to keep the entertainment fresh and interesting. Frequent performers will be rotated in and out of various shows. New acts are given a degree of priority over older ones. Original material may be given preference. We try to ensure a concert has a wide variety of performers, and a wide range of ages. We love it when children perform along with their parents. All music should be reasonably family friendly – although we are fairly open minded.
  • What type of audience can I expect?
    We work hard to ensure the audience is very supportive of all types of acts including complete newbies. Many audience members are also performers – some on that night! Expect a range of ages: from 0 to 90+. 
  • Will shows be recorded?
    Likely, yes. If you perform, expect videos, audio and pictures to be recorded and posted online by the organizers and the audience members.
  • What equipment to you have?
    We have a great sounding basic PA (think living room) and some basic instruments. Include your requirements and we can discuss further via email. 

For audience:

  • Is there a fee?
    No. There is no fee to attend, no donations, no passing of the hat, no payment to the musicians. 
  • Who can attend?
    We are looking for audience members who are genuinely interested in hearing the craft of local musicians of all types and genres of music. The audience must be supportive of all musicians, including amateurs.. 


  • Where and when is the next show?
    As this is a private performance, the date, time and location of the concert is only made available to the performing musicians and the attending audience members.
  • Who operates Knock Knock?
    A very small group of local musicians.
  • Why do you do it?
    For the love of live music, to meet with people with similar interests, to give musicians of all types and ages an opportunity to perform in a supportive, comfortable environment, and because we have fun doing it!
  • Why don’t you charge?
    This is not a business. It is not even a non-profit society. It is simply people opening up their house solely for the enjoyment of it all. Musicians and audience members attend at their own risk.
  • How often are are the concerts held?
    Currently we organize approx 4 per year.